Caddo Parish officials prepare for possible flooding

Caddo officials prepare for possible flooding

NORTHWEST LOUISIANA (KSLA) - Make no mistake — Caddo Parish Sheriff and Homeland Security Director Steve Prator is telling the public that parish officials monitoring weather conditions and the potential flooding threats day by day, hour by hour.

Sheriff Prator delivered that message during a briefing on this Thursday, January 3. Sandbags are also now available for Caddo Parish residents to need them.

In fact, Caddo Parish Public Works crews wasted no time filling nearly 1,500 sandbags on this day as water levels began to rise quickly in some spots of the Ark-La-Tex. It was after severe flooding just a few years ago that the city, the parish and the port invested in a nearly $100,000 an auto-sandbagger, that can fill nearly 300 bags an hour or 1,500 per day.

Officials told us the sandbags that crews just prepared, along with 1,500 bags already on hand give them a good head start should weather conditions worsen again.

"The water's already ankle deep in my yard. To get into our house you have to go through ankle deep of water," said Angie Swann.

She compared this situation to the beginning of flooding back in 2016. "It's come up a lot sooner. A lot sooner."

In Swann's case the problem is runoff water that's causing their troubles and fears what would happen if they did not have these sandbags.

"We'd be in a lot of trouble. We would be in a lot of trouble. It would just stay there. It really would. It would just stay there. Wouldn't be able to get out of the house."

Even as word began to trickle down that widespread flooding may not materialize this time, at least some Caddo Parish property owners weren't taking any chances. That included Jessica Luce.

"Well yeah, I mean, you know we've got to keep an eye on it. There's a pretty big creek behind the house, so, keep an eye on that. But the animals really stay away from it."

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