Landers AOW - Demetri Teddlie

The Fight Behind Meechie

Demetri Teddlie - Behind the Wrestler

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Westgate beauty salon is where we find Cynthia Teddlie but Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamour she’s a fighter and has been since she was young. Cynthia has three sons and she brought them up the same way fighting.

Her oldest son is wrestler and #3 in the state in his weight class. Demetri Teddlie won the Eagle open at Evangel, he won the Griffin Open in Dutchtown and the Lone Survivor tournament at Parkway.

Meechie has always like to fight and it’s something that came natural to him. He’s student to the sport and appreciates the losses as much as the wins.

“I realized I was good when I started going against seniors as a freshman and actually beat them, I thought I was kind of up there and then I just started getting whopped by kids that actually knew what they were doing. So my coaches worked with me off season and I started lifting weights and running and my teammates helped me. That’s how I became as good as I am.”

His mother just wants, what every mother wants, her sons to be happy.

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