The Good Stuff: 2018 Lessons Learned

A look back at the wonderful people we met in 2018

The Good Stuff: Lessons Learned '18

(KSLA) - It’s been a great year on 'The Good Stuff’.

As we put a wrap on 2018, Doug Warner honors the many wonderful people and their incredible stories.

This year Doug visited with the students and coaches at Haughton High School, who take time to honor the ‘heroes’ of Haughton High, students with special needs.

Also in Haughton, he highlighted the love one Haughton senior has for his mother, Ashley Davis, who is battling breast cancer. Davis’ son Gavin invited many of his high school friends to shave their heads along with his mother after chemo treatments began claiming her hair.

We also reintroduced you to 99-year-old Miss Lucille, of Shreveport’s Anderson Island. The landscaping on her property is a love story for the ages, and it’s still growing.

KSLA News 12's Doug Warner with 99 year-old Miss Lucille of Shreveport
KSLA News 12's Doug Warner with 99 year-old Miss Lucille of Shreveport

A Shreveport doctor shares how she truly believes we are all put in certain places, at certain times, for certain reasons. Her certain time, place and reason? Running in a half marathon right behind another runner who went into cardiac arrest.

Their stories are inspirational and truly the kind of Good Stuff we love.

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