New year and new gym goals

New Year, new gym goals

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - It’s a new year and for many people a new opportunity to get back into the gym.

While most gyms typically see an uptick in memberships around this time, Fitness Lady in Bossier City is the opposite.

“The new year is relatively slow,” said personal trainer, Brianna Rose. “We don’t typically see an influx until about late January or early February.”

Fitness Lady is a gym that caters to women in their late 30′s and up. Rose says while mentally most people are eager to get back into the gym for the new year, their bodies might not be the same.

“If you have been out anywhere between two to four weeks, you’re different physiologically,” she said. “Even though you want to get back in beast mode and you have the high intensity drive, you’re different. You need to at least cut it back cardiovascular wise or physically strength wise 50 percent.”

Rose also says sleep and water make a difference when getting back into the gym too.

“Hydration affects performance, and sleep affects performance (and) all will have change during the holiday season when we are drinking more and sleeping less.”

For those looking to get healthy and lose weight, Rose says you also need to change your plate sizes. She suggests making your food portions smaller and eating a variety of colorful foods to help with this.

This year to keep people in the gym, Fitness Lady has developed a brand new class called “Back after Break." The class focuses on helping women get back into the groove of working out after taking a long break.

They plan to hold two classes, one on January 5th and the second on January 12th and both classes will start at 9 a.m.

“We want to not just capitalize on the intensity but we want to create longevity and we want to avoid or minimize discouragement or dropouts,” said Rose.

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