Residents of Shreveport apartment complex want flooded parking lot fixed

Parking lot consistently floods after rain causing vehicle damage

Residents of Shreveport apartment complex want flooded parking lot fixed
Residents upset about flooded parking lot

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Residents living in Nantucket Harbor Apartments say when it rains one of the parking lots floods — leading to a very expensive mess.

The complex is located off South Lakeshore Drive in West Shreveport. Not far from La 3132 and the Country Club area.

Vehicles become stranded, and flooded causing residents to miss work and not able to leave the complex.

“They didn’t warn us about anything,” Resident Trelyn Cooksey says. “Our neighbors told us about the flooding and ever since then we have complained about it.”

Cooksey lives with his elderly father and says he has missed work twice due to his car stuck in the water. He showed me a drainage area, which he believes is the root of the problem.

“When it floods, this entire area is underwater and even the dumpsters move along with the current,” Cooksey says. “I’ve had my battery die because it is flooded with water.”

Residents said they have to live with the flooding because they aren’t able to move.

Cooksey and his father plan on switching to another apartment that is on the other side of the complex.

“Basically we on our own sometimes and we are out here pushing cars out the water," Cooksey says. “Some people try to get their car through the water but its either too deep or their cars cut off.”

Nantucket Harbor’s Assistant Manager said she will send a statement about the resident concerns sometime in the new year.

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