People living along Shreveport street upset about flooded road

A West Shreveport neighborhood is covered in high water — and residents are tired of it


SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - People living in the Hideway Harbor neighborhood off Jefferson Paige Road are upset about the homeowner’s association’s response to a road that regularly floods.

When it rains, Crestview Drive floods causing problems for people living along the road, and those who must go through it to get to their homes. Some people even mention how they cannot pass through because the water is too high.

“The drainage is not done correctly in the neighborhood,” Homeowner Janelle Marks says. “The only thing I can attribute it too it is that it just needs to be higher, the driveways needed to be built higher than what they are now.”

Homeowner Billy Target says he’s contacted the homeowner’s association several times but cannot get through to them. He pays 300 dollars a year in dues and doesn’t see how the money is used.

“Homeowners association is not going to pay for my truck to be repaired or my car when you have to go through this water,” Target says. "You can’t get in touch with anyone who’s supposed to be the President and so forth.”

After reaching out to the homeowner’s association, and speaking with a board member who says three board members live along Crestview Drive, he was not aware of their concerns, but will address them to the other board members.

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