New Orleans Saints player shows support for Temple football family

My Cleats

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -The Independence Bowl is taking place tomorrow and the journey for one member of the Temple Football family is an extra special one.

It’s a huge moment for equipment manager Kane Ivers-Osthus. After being diagnosed with Lukemia earlier this year, he is finally able to travel with his team.

New Orleans Saints' receiver Keith Kirkwood and Kane developed a special bond during Kirkwood’s Temple days.

So special that Kirkwood decided to sport a pair of cleats with Kane’s face and name on them during Sunday’s victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Kirkwood choose to represent his friend for the NFL’s My Cleats, My Cause campaign. The campaign, in it’s 3rd year, is designed for players to bring awareness to causes close to their hearts in a creative way.

“He showed me the cleats. I’m not gonna lie, I did cry a little bit," says Kane. "It means a lot. It shows the kind of person he is.”

All of the players cleats will be sold at auction and the proceeds will benefit the charitable cause of their choosing.

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