Landers AOW - Zarious Lewis

Actions over Words - The Zee Way

Landers AOW - Zarious Lewis

Campti, LA (KSLA) - The fans say the Lakeview Gator program has been overlooked since the school opened.

“Underrated, they call Campti the poorest town in the State of Louisiana but the amount of talent that they have is immeasurable,” said Platinum Kuts Barber Kevin Smith.

The talent is like a never ending river that flows year in and year out. Names like Travion Kirkendoll, Malik Metoyer, Tay Hardy and Adrio Bailey are just a few of the most recent stars.

This year is no different you just won’t hear the players talk about it him much but they have a silent assassin named Zarious Lewis.

"We've had several solid players come through here with natural athletic ability but I really want to commend Zarious Lewis on being the type of kid that I really wish a lot of programs would produce," said Lakeview Head Coach Brian Williams.

Zarious "Zee" Lewis is a firm believer in actions over words.

“I’m so happy because I feel like a lot of people have been overlooking him because I know he’s special,” said Zarious' Mother Alice Lewis.

Zee was the district MVP last season but you'll never hear him boast or brag.

“Zee’s a silent assassin he lets his skills do the talking,” said Kevin Smith.

"You gotta feel some type of way about that Gator, I think that's my biggest mindset. I just don't want to let anybody down. It really keeps me going," said Zarious Lewis.

It's a country boy mentality that he picked up from riding and taking care of horses.

"Alot of people don't understand that when you have a horse it's a certain responsibility, that horse doesn't care if it's Christmas or Easter he still has to eat. I think that translates over to basketball. Zee comes with his lunch pail and hard hat everyday to go to work," said Coach Brian Williams.

That mentality helps him on and off the court. It's making him man up before it's time to even be a man.

“As a leader you can’t be emotional because if you are roller coaster your team is a roller coaster, so he’s pretty much even keel. I tell the kids all the time, when you go out there take the emotions out of it, you don’t cut the grass with an attitude but the grass still has to be cut. He’s a cut the grass type of guy and just gets it done,” said Coach Williams.

Country Boys turn into country Men...but they always respect and love their parents.

"They are very important to me, if they weren't here I don't think I could live without their support. I think the talks that are bigger than the game that keep me going," Zarious Lewis.

Zee’s a mamas boy and he doesn’t mind being a mama’s boy. He takes pride in having her around.

“It feels like I’ve done something right, It feels good because it lets me know that he puts everybody else above himself and sometimes you get your blessings from doing for others,” Alice Lewis.

"Zee is a different type of athlete and he really plays basketball for the love of the game. A lot of time you gets that start off playing for the love of the game and get caught up in the hype and he doesn't which is explains why he's so quiet and humble," said Brian Williams.

“I’m going to do everything to make sure he is a man because the world doesn’t owe him anything and the world will swallow him whole, that’s why when coach is fussing at him and on him. I tell him not to complain and nobody owes you anything you’ve got to get out there and get it out of the mud. I think it’s very important to me because if he doesn’t get it, I can’t get out there and do it for him. The only thing I can do is lay down the foundation for him to be able to cope in this world. I just want to make sure that he’s ready because mama and daddy can only take you so far and he has to have what he needs when he leaves us,”

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