Big retailers catering to last-minute shoppers

Holiday shopping in the ArkLaTex

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The 12 days of Christmas may be a Christmas carol, but that’s also how many shopping days are left before the big day.

And believe it or not, by some estimates as many as 4-out-of-5 Americans have still not wrapped up their shopping just yet.

Now big retailers, like Walmart, are catering to the procrastinator in all of us.

A new survey shows 40 percent of Americans will wait until the final week to wrap up their holiday shopping, which comes as no surprise to many shoppers.

“Oh no. They probably wait for their last paycheck probably to do their Christmas shopping. I do a little bit throughout the year,” said Walmart shopper Andranell Williams.

Walmart caters to these last-minute shoppers, like making sure to keep popular items, especially certain children’s toys on the shelves.

That includes something called “surprise gifts” - which oddly enough even includes unicorn poo.

“It’s slime. And when you get the unicorn out it actually is the surprise poop. The slime is the surprise. The poop.” said and smiling Rufaro Lewis, the Walmart Toy Department Manager at the Shreve City Shopping center in Shreveport.

For all those last-minute shoppers Walmart has even added several new services like the in-store pickup for online purchases and even ordering while at the store.

That’s something that shoppers like Andranell Williams know all about, as she searched for wrestling figurines for her son:

Andranell Williams: “I was thinking about going online.”

Rufaro Lewis: “Walmart dot- com.”

Andranell Williams: “...and ordering them."

Walmart Shoppers can order many items online until December 23rd... and pick them up on Christmas Eve until 5-o’clock in the afternoon.

And for shipping, customers can order until December 22nd to receive the item before Christmas.

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