Shreveport City Hall mayoral transition now well underway

Adrian Perkins meets with Mayor Ollie Tyler

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - KSLA News 12 was there when Mayor-elect Adrian Perkins arrived for his morning meeting with outgoing Mayor Ollie Tyler.

There is much work ahead before Tyler leaves office and Perkins is sworn in just 17-days from now — Saturday, December 29.

But, when it comes to specific details about the transition we found out very little on this day, but a promise of more information on the way soon.

What we did discover is a whole lot of communication already underway between the outgoing and incoming administrations.

As the two-hour long meeting ended between Tyler and Perkins exchanged in a friendly goodbye.

Adrian Perkins: Well, thank you mayor."

Ollie Tyler: "I Really appreciate you.

Perkins: "Thank you, so much."

Tyler: "Alright, alright. And so, we'll be, uh, in touch."

Perkins: "Okay."

Tyler: "And we'll have that all set up for you.

Perkins: “Okay, thanks so much for today.”

Tyler: “alright, appreciate you.”

As Mayor-elect Adrian Perkins began to walk toward the elevators we asked him more about his transition meeting with Mayor Tyler.

“It’s a really good, uh, I had a really good time with the mayor. She’s very gracious. Gave us everything that we need. So, now I’m headed back to work.”

Now four days removed from the election night celebration, Perkins acknowledged the huge task ahead before being sworn in later this month.

Just as Perkins walked in the elevator he told us we shouldn’t have to wait long for specifics on the transition process.

“Over the next couple of days. Yeah, over the next couple of days. We’re working on some specifics now. But, we’ll be giving the people some updates on the transition process.”

Minutes later, we spoke with Mayor Tyler who began, “We had a very, very good meeting.”

But when pressed on any specific of her meeting with Perkins, Tyler would only describe it as very productive.

“I assured him that I’m going to be right here to work with him to help him in any way that I can.”

Mayor Tyler said personnel decisions are some of the first and most critical that must be made in the days, weeks and months to come.

She recalled her own process after being sworn in four years ago.

“I tried to assess everybody when I came in. I didn’t just bring people in, you know. I tried to assess first, my department leaders.”

Mayor Tyler added that every leader has their own way of doing things. Whatever Perkins needs from her administration, he will get it.

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