Mayor-Elect Adrian Perkins shares vision for Shreveport’s future

Mayor-Elect Adrian Perkins shares vision for Shreveport’s future

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The convincing victory by Adrian Perkins in the Shreveport mayoral race this weekend has created a seismic shift in local politics.

That’s largely because there is a new generation about to take the reins of the city.

Incumbent democratic Mayor Ollie Tyler lost her bid for a second term in office.

Analysts said her loss can be explained, in large part, due to a groundswell of support for something new and different.

That translated into a 64-to-36 percent victory for political newcomer Adrian Perkins.

That mandate from voters could prove helpful in the weeks and months ahead as Perkins begins to solidify his plans for the future of Shreveport over the next four years.

“Without further ado, I’d like you to help me in introducing the mayor of our city!”

That booming introduction at the election watch party for Adrian Perkins in downtown Shreveport Saturday night quickly turned into even louder chants of “A-P-A-P-A-P,” his initials.

Then, amidst the roar of chants and applause came the arrival of now Mayor-Elect Adrian Perkins.

“The polls have closed. The votes are counted. And that day is here,” started Perkins, followed by the first of many cheers during his acceptance speech.

Perkins is a Shreveport native, a West Point and Harvard Law school graduate and soon-to-be mayor, all thanks to 64 percent of the voters who want fresh ideas.

“We will establish Shreveport’s first chief technology officer, tasked with pursuing smart city technologies that will bring Shreveport into the 21st Century,” detailed Perkins, delving into specific projects and why they are so vital to the city’s future success.

“Upgraded tech infrastructure,” Perkins told his supporters, “will attract higher paying jobs, improve educational outcomes and reduce crime."

It is also expected to help in other ways, as well. “The smart tech will update our out-of-date water billing system.”

Perkins said he also plans to streamline the metropolitan planning commission.

“Making it a vehicle of economic growth rather than a drain on our economy,” said Perkins, leading to more cheers.

For context, the MPC has become a hot button issue of late, with the frayed relationship between the commission and members of the local business community on a myriad of issues.

And Perkins wasn’t finished listing matters that will soon top the agenda of the incoming Perkins administration.

“We are also going to amplify the presence of law enforcement, increasing the number of officers patrolling our neighborhoods.”

As a 33-year-old political newcomer Perkins has said recently he has no allusions that any of his ideas will be easy to implement or happen at the snap of his fingers.

In fact, Perkins has said he knows he and his administration have a daunting task ahead of them.

Perkins ended his remarks to supporters on Saturday night on a positive, determined note.

“I am ready to get to work. Tonight,” which led to one of the final cheers of the night in a very special celebration.

Adrian Perkins will be sworn in on Saturday, December 29, which is now less than 3 weeks away.

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