Adrian Perkins wins Shreveport Mayor’s race

Adrian Perkins wins election for Shreveport Mayor

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Adrian Perkins defeated incumbent Ollie Tyler in Saturday’s runoff election to win the race for Shreveport Mayor, according to complete but unofficial returns.

Perkins won the race by a wide margin, receiving 64 percent of the vote, compared to Tyler’s 36 percent.

Tyler and Perkins emerged as the top two candidates in the November 6 general election, advancing to the runoff ahead of six other candidates. Perkins received 29 percent of the vote in November compared to Tyler’s 24 percent.

“If anyone wondered whether Shreveport lost hope, tonight is their answer," said Perkins on election night.

Throughout the campaign, Perkins, a 33 year old veteran and Harvard graduate from Shreveport’s Cedar Grove neighborhood, focused on his status as a political newcomer in an attempt to convince voters he had a fresh vision for the city. “A new day is dawning in the city of Shreveport,” was a line Perkins often used in ads and social media posts.

Tyler, on the other hand, touted her decades of experience in public service to draw a contrast with Perkins, who has never held elected office. Her campaign slogan asked voters if they wanted “proven performance or empty promises.”

Tyler, who is 73 years old, was born and raised in Caddo Parish. After working as an educator for several years, she became the superintendent of Caddo public schools, a position she held for four years before working in the statewide education system.

Ollie Tyler concedes Shreveport Mayor's race

“Another term of course would have allowed us to continue to grow our city and offer even better options for every citizen in this city,” said Tyler in her concession speech.

“My vision for this city remains the same, that every citizen is afforded a safe environment, economic opportunity, education and training, and a good quality of life,” she added.

Perkins struck a unifying tone in his acceptance speech, saying he wanted to be a Mayor for all of Shreveport.

“Tonight Shreveport stands united, united in a belief for a better tomorrow and our determination to make that belief a reality," said Perkins.

Perkins will assume office before the end of the year.

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