Shreveport residents make their way to vote

Shreveport residents make their way to vote

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - People throughout Shreveport made their way to vote in the December 8th election. On the ballot were many key races including the race for Shreveport Mayor.

Election officials say it was a slow day at the polls because of the rain. In Shreveport, 125,000 people are registered to vote. At several polling locations there were empty lines and some people said this was one of the quickest votes they have ever casted.

“It was quick,” Mary-Beth Robinson says. “I walked in casted my vote and moved on.”

People said there were many issues that separated the mayoral race between incumbent Mayor Ollie Tyler and Adrian Perkins. Crime, job opportunities and improving road conditions were a few of the issues people mentioned as they left the polls.

Some people did mention their excitement for the election season to end and how they are tired of hearing and seeing campaign ads.

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