Caddo Schools considering 2019 bond election

Caddo School Board bond proposal

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Caddo Parish School Board may ask voters to go the polls in 2019 to approve some needed upgrades.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the district discussed its intent to explore a possible bond election.

The measure is in the very early stages.

The district would not propose a new tax. Instead, it would ask voters to renew millages that would otherwise expire next year.

“This is an opportunity for your tax bill to stay the same. We understand that this does not mean it will go down, but it will stay the same. By it staying the same, we will meet some of those needs that are so critical," said Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree.

While there’s no monetary figure laid out yet, the next step is for the board to consider bringing in a Municipal Advisor to tell them how much money would be available without raising taxes. They voted to consider that at the December 18th meeting.

“The work of the Municipal Advisor is to go out and determine how much money these millages will be valued at," said Goree.

Goree says the district has critical needs in transportation, safety, and air conditioning.

The bond proposal would fix HVAC systems at schools, Some schools have closed before due to issues with heating and air conditioning.

With 100 buses retiring in 2023, it’s an opportunity for the district to move to a full fleet of air-conditioned buses.

The district will also look at things like security cameras, fencing, and keyless entries to improve security and keep students safe.

“There is a big difference in a need and want. There is no brick and mortar, no new schools, no fancy things built in this plan. This is about meeting the basic needs for us to continue to function as a school district. This is about us being responsible to not only what we need today, tomorrow but looking 10-15 years down the road," said Goree.

Caddo School board bond proposal

The school will make a decision on January 15th about whether they want to move forward with an election.

If the answer is yes, voters could see this on the May 2019 ballot.

The school board last put up a bond proposal in 2015 for new construction, but that was not approved by voters. This is not related to that proposal.

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