Crazy Horse family elder speaks at Shreve Memorial Library


SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Crazy Horse Elder Floyd Clown Sr, joined by author William Matson, shared his family’s history at Shreve Memorial Library. The event was held Saturday, December 1 from 10-12 p.m.

Crazy Horse, one of the most predominant historical figures in Native American history, known for his victories against the invasion of the U.S. government in the Battle of Rosebud and Little Big Horn.

Clown and Matson are on a multi-city tour around the US, they just finished dates in Europe. They hope by sharing the stories of Crazy House to spread the truth about Native American cultures and contributions.

When asked about how we can create change in our current climate Clown says

The elder and author have been discussing their book “Crazy Horse The Lakota Warrior’s Life and Legacy” on tour through the southern region of the US. The duo speaks about the family’s need to keep their identities hidden for so many years when the government, at that time, was looking to destroy the lineage of Crazy Horse.

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