Record breaking Cyber Monday forecast

Cyber Monday shopping pkg

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Cyber Monday marks the 5th and final day in the kickoff of holiday shopping. And this Cyber Monday is predicted to be the biggest online shopping day in US history, according to Adobe Analytics.

That’s despite holiday shopping becoming more spread out starting on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday and running through Monday.

Adobe Analytics forecasts that Cyber Monday will generate nearly 8 billion dollars in sales, an 18-percent jump from last year.

And when we walked inside Rhino Cafe coffee shop off Line Avenue in Shreveport the first person we spotted was cyber shopping, searching for bargains.

“Oh, they’re pretty good actually. I’ve been on Amazon and Alta. They’re pretty good deals,” pointed Kellie Gotangco.

We caught up with Kellie and her friends, Lindsey and Caroline, as they mixed a bit of Cyber Monday shopping with their physical therapy graduate studies - and spotting some crazy good deals in the process.

“A lot of the ones on the website I was on was was free gifts with whatever you buy and free shipping over like 25 dollars and stuff,” added Gotangco.

Across the table, Lindsey Mouton, speaking with a wry smile, insisted they’re just trying to help make Christmas shopping a bit easier for their families,

“I actually just sent some stuff to my mom to put in my stocking.”

And Mouton told us she had been waiting to shop. “I did wait 'til today. Well, actually they emailed me. You see, up to 50 percent off.”

According to a new study by Capital One, 85 percent of Americans believe the holidays are a riskier time to shop. And 26 percent say Cyber Monday is a riskier day to shop online than any other day of the year.

As for Caroline Holloway, when asked if she had any plans to shop online she explained with a bit of hesitation, “Today I really need to study, so probably not,”

In fact, their biggest concern had a lot less to do with shopping than prepping for their P.T. finals.

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