Man who wrapped woman in sheets and tied her with tape pleads guilty to 2nd Degree Kidnapping

Dequinta Jack (Source: Lake Charles Police Department)
Dequinta Jack (Source: Lake Charles Police Department)
Updated: Nov. 21, 2018 at 6:55 PM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -It was a terrifying ordeal for a woman who was kidnapped and driven around by a man prosecutors say was trying to coerce money out of her.

But now-- that man has pleaded guilty as charged.

Lake Charles police found out about DeQuinta jack's crime spree when a young woman wrapped in sheets and tied with duct tape was dumped on onto a street off Highway 14.

That day, May 24th, witness Charles Tucker saw her along the road.

"I pulled up to where she was at, thinking this was bags of trash, that he had left behind, because she was covered in bed sheets. By the time he got all the way down the road and I got to where she was at, it wasn't until then I realized it was a person. I pulled the pillow case off her head and let her know and see that I was the only one there and her attacker had left," said Tucker.

As it happened, prosecutor Daniel Vermaelen says nearly everything Jack did was caught on video.

"Lake Charles Police did an amazing job. They were able to get gas station, home surveillance, hotel cameras, dash cams, body cams, every type of business cam you can find. And we were able to pretty much piece together every step that Mr. Jack took. Whenever he did the initial attack, and whenever he was originally apprehended, we pretty much had eyes on him the entire time," said Vermaelen.

The surveillance video suggests Jack first considered putting the victim in the trunk...

"He was looking in the trunk outside the hotel room and decided that she might not fit. It was a smaller, compact car, and instead opted to put her in the back seat. So, he stuffed her into the back seat as he drove," he said.

Vermaelen says Jack, from the Baytown, Texas knew the victim.

"We believe that he had planned that from the start. He had actually gone, and we have him on surveillance purchasing duct tape from Walmart, hours prior to the attack."

He says the victim did suffer some cuts and bruises.

"She had some swollen lips. Some lacerations which it's our understanding is caused from him striking her with objects in the car, keep her quiet while he drove her around and tried to coerce money out of her. But she also had a swollen lip from him striking her when she was uncooperative in the initial attack," said Vermaelen.

Vermaelen says faced with overwhelming evidence of his guilt-- Jack entered a plea.

Jack also pleaded guilty to a simple burglary he did several days before the kidnapping.

Sentencing is set for February 15th.

The defense attorney declined to do an interview.

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