Downtown Center to undergo long-awaited face-lift

Center, TX Renovations

CENTER, TX (KSLA) - After more than a decade of discussions, downtown Center will soon be undergoing a facelift around its historic courthouse.

David Chadwick, mayor of Center, said the goal of this $3-million project is to enhance and improve the aesthetic of downtown Center.

“We have always wanted to find ways to enhance our square, our people take such pride in their businesses,” said Chadwick. “The city feels it’s our responsibility to support, enhance and encourage these merchants who’ve put their entire lives into making a business and community.”

Chadwick said the construction will be done in a series of phases and will be funded by a number of grants. He said residents can expect widened and leveled sidewalks, traffic lights shifted, new intersections, as well as more greenery.

However, the Mayor said the project would place further emphasis around the city’s crown jewel: its historic courthouse.

“Our courthouse is our main icon that we have in our community,” said Chadwick. “We’re very proud of it.”

Lacie Payne, who co-owns Payne & Payne Home & Suchlike, a prominent downtown Center shop, said the impeding renovations will drive more visitors to local stores.

“With the renovations that are coming, it’ll bring people down to the downtown square and it’ll be lots of walking traffic,” said Payne. “There will be lots of things for people to do with their families.”

Chadwick said downtown Center’s square is home to at least 35 different small businesses. For the longevity of these charming shops, restaurants and offices, he said these upgrades are vital for future success.

“We feel it’s our way of showing support for those who truly make our community what it is, and those are our merchants,” said Chadwick.

The Mayor stated he hopes construction begins in June 2019.

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