Bossier City proposing $60 million bond for city projects

Bossier $60M project

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Bossier City is proposing a $60 million bond at its city council meeting Tuesday night, which, if approved, could fund a dozen projects across the municipality at no cost to taxpayers.

These are some of the projects the bond would fund:

  • Animal control building expansion 
  • Coleman Street expansion/rehab 
  • Shed Road supplement
  • Resurfacing handicapped ADA playground areas
  • Rehabilitation of restrooms and concessions areas in city parks
  • Rehabilitation installation of LED lighting in park ballfields
  • Addition of five baseball/softball fields at Tinsley Park
  • City-wide ditch improvements
  • City owned building improvements

Pam Glorioso, the chief administrative officer for Bossier City, said the projects would not be completed overnight.

“You’re talking about a lot of professional design work to take place here,” said Glorioso. “We’re a small city with a small staff in each of these departments, so we have to be able to manage not only designs, but also construction.”

Glorioso added the city would finance the bond over the course of 30 years.

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