The Good Stuff: The perfect timing for cancer

The Good Stuff: Timing for Cancer

(KSLA) - Bossier Parish 17-year-old Gavin Roe has had a very busy 2018.

The Haughton High School senior competed for a national championship with the Bucs fishing team, and helped lead the Bucs football team to the second round of the playoffs.

But more impressive, is the team he formed in late October to help his mother in her fight against breast cancer.

“I was angry at first, and hurt," said 43-year-old Ashley Davis, on learning of her breast cancer diagnosis back in June.

17-year-old Gavin Roe and his mother Ashley Davis
17-year-old Gavin Roe and his mother Ashley Davis

But soon after surgery and started her chemotherapy, Ashley’s outlook on her cancer diagnosis soon changed.

“If it had to happen, the perfect timing for it, this is it,”

And apparently it was the perfect timing for her son Gavin, who figured he knew exactly what to do after his mother texted him to explain she was considering shaving her hair due to the chemotherapy treatments.

“Two days after my second treatment, my hair started falling out in huge chunks,” Ashley said.

She lost a breast to remove masses and knew losing her hair was inevitable.

But when she texted Gavin, asking for his help back on October 30, he texted back with: “A few of my friends want to shave their heads with you.”

“And I said, no I’m good. You guys keep your hair. You have a choice. I don’t," Ashley said.

Despite repeatedly declining his offer, Gavin was determined to make this emotionally difficult night for his mom, a night to remember.

“I just told him I love him and I’ll be there for him, no matter what,” recalls Gavin’s good friend Jameson Rose, who was a part of a group text with fellow students Dustin Barron and Caden Holloway.

This foursome had decided they were shaving their heads right alongside Gavin’s mother.

“I walk in and said, ‘What are y’all doing here?'," as she counted close to 15 kids gathering in her home and making their way to her back porch.

And one by one, Gavin along with his friends, shaved their heads on a night full of laughter, instead of just tears.

“Who does that? My kid does that,” Ashley proudly states with a smile. “These kids, you think they’re not thinking sometimes about what adults have going on."

“It’s not about taking out the trash, or picking up clothes off the floor anymore,” Ashley shares, talking about her son Gavin.

“It’s about what mom needs today. How does mom feel today. And he got me with that one," a tearful Ashley says.

“He got me.”

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