A Grieving mother awaits justice in son’s murder

A Grieving mother awaits justice in son's murder

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A grieving mother fights back the tears as she makes an urgent plea to the public for their help to catch her son’s alleged killer with the one year anniversary of his homicide quickly closes in.

Loraine London will not give up. She wants justice. And that means waiting as long as it takes to find the prime suspect accused of killing her only child.

Yet every time another homicide is recorded in Shreveport it's a bitter reminder of justice delayed.

As Shreveport’s homicide rate keeps pace, or could surpass last year’s grim total every new headline of more violence reminds Loraine London of her own son’s murder in November of 2017.

“And I’ve been hurting a whole year, my son wrongfully killed and this man do not need to be on the street.”

London is referring to 22-year-old Johnathan Kelly, accused of shooting and killing her son, 29-year-old Marcus London, after a fight between their girlfriends at the Castlewood Apartments in south Shreveport.

Johnathan Kelly, 22 is accused of shooting and killing Marcus London.
Johnathan Kelly, 22 is accused of shooting and killing Marcus London. (Source: SPD)

“It ain’t a day pass, Jeff, that I’m not hurting for my baby.”

Just days after her son’s death, police spotted a man resembling Kelly during an attempted traffic stop, but the two men inside the car got out and ran off. Now, as the one year anniversary of the deadly shooting fast approaches, Kelly remains at large.

“I pray every day that God send this man in, to turn himself in,” London said.

Her identical twin, Gloria, made an appeal to the public. "Anybody out there that knows anything...Please, talk to him. Get him to come in, to turn himself in. We need closure." In the meantime, these grieving sisters try to focus on the good times, including Marcus' love of horses and trail riding, always keeping his favorite saddle close by.

Johnathan Kelly is wanted on a charge of 2nd Degree Murder with bond set at 750-thousand dollars, once captured.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at area code 318- 673-7373.

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