Marshall Police seeking Training Advisory Board volunteers

Marshall Training Advisory Board looking for members

MARSHALL, TEXAS (KSLA) - The Marshall Police Department is looking for volunteers to help with their Training Advisory Board.

The board way for people to express their safety concerns with police, the Training Advisory Board isn’t new, but Marshall Police have to reshape it with more community members.

Serving on this board will give officer’s a better understanding of city concerns. Police say they can’t be everywhere and hearing concerns is one of the best ways to prevent and stop crime.

Some people tell me bringing more people on the board will help police understand areas of improvement and develop a better relationship.

“We want to get to know the community and then work to build training to address concerns,” Lt. Len Ames says. “We want people that are with us and want to have a voice with us.”

To learn more about applying or the board click here.

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