Who Killed Justin Lowrey?

Published: Nov. 14, 2018 at 11:47 AM CST
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -The pain of losing a loved one to gun violence is bad enough, but what stings even more is knowing the killer is still out there. Two little boys live everyday without their father because someone took Justin Lowrey’s life. It’s been one year already and it’s the only murder case in Bossier City that is unsolved from 2017.

Who killed Justin Lowrey? It’sone of the questions that has stumped Bossier City Police for over a year. Bossier detectives want to keep this case front and center. The murder happened on Sunday evening, September 17, 2017. Police received calls about multiple gunshots that night. When they arrived to the area of Village Square East Townhomes, they found the body of Justin Lowrey in a parking lot behind the townhomes.

Detectives say the 29 year old was shot to death. A year ago we interviewed Norma Bruce, a neighbor who remembered hearing something that night. She said, “I think I did, but I didn’t realize what it was at the time. My upstairs neighbor heard them. Several other people heard them so it was very loud and very close by.”

Bossier City Police Spokesperson Traci Landry says they have some information in the case, but they are still missing the pieces.

Bossier Crime Stoppers has even posted the case to their Facebook page hoping someone will phone in a tip. Beau Miguez from Bossier Crimestoppers reminded potential tipsters that calls are anonymous and you never have to give your name.

Miguez says, “It actually goes to a call center in another state. It is not even answered locally. They get the information, provide a tip number, they assign a number to that information and that is how that caller is how that caller is identified from here on out. No name is given.”

There are several ways to send in a tip. You can call Bossier Crime Stoppers at 318-424-4100.

You can also download the P3 app and send a tip through your mobile device. Lastly you can go to the Bossier Crime Stoppers website and submit a tip from there.

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