When are the Brees children famous? Their answer will warm your heart

When are the Brees children famous? Their answer will warm your heart
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Despite being celebrated for record-breaking achievements, Drew Brees will not let his family’s core values falter, especially when it comes to raising his children.

Brittany Brees said she and Drew work hard to make their children’s lives as normal as possible.

Brittany and her two sons Baylen and Bowen appeared on ESPN’s NFL Sunday Countdown live show before the Saints vs. Rams game when Brittany was posed with a question about the boy’s knowledge of their father’s successes.

“When do you think they realize their Dad isn’t just like every other Dad,” said Sam Ponder, a host of the Sunday Countdown.

Brittany immediately answered the question with a story about the attention Baylen received after the Super Bowl.

"I think at one point Baylen came home and said someone was asking him at school, and then he was the first one where someone asked for his autograph because of the Super Bowl,” said Brittany. “It actually upset me because the thing is, they’re not famous.”

Brittany then quizzed her son by asking, “When are you famous?”

Without missing a beat, Baylen gave a heartwarming response.

“Only if I make the world a better place,” said Baylen.

Brittany said she and Drew instill in the kids that their platform is special, and that it is important they use it to help others.

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