LSU fans gear up for big game against Bama

LSU fans gear up for big game against Bama
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - With LSU facing off against Alabama on Saturday, many showed up early to get a head start on the celebrations. Folks we spoke to say this was one game they couldn’t miss.

“It’s Alabama and LSU!” said LSU fan Shane Walker.

“I was out here at 10 o’clock yesterday morning waiting in line to get in here,” said LSU fan Les Burl.

The Tiger faithful came from far and wide to get a jump on the festivities, and they came prepared.

“Some ducks, baby. Some ducks and some sausage. Mmmhmm!” Said Walker. “[Saturday’s] menu. We have a little pig. Cochon.”

For many, it’s the most important game of the season.

“We’re just having a good time, tailgating in Baton Rouge, enjoying the atmosphere of the tailgating, and we have a good game ahead of us and we’ve all been excited about this all year,” explained Tiger fan Keefe Duhon.

Yet, this match-up against Alabama is also expected to be the toughest game of the year.

“I think our defense will hold their own. I think the offense he’s going to be pretty questionable. We’ll see. We’ll see what they can do,” said LSU fan Greg Wilson.

“Alabama always brings a challenge to LSU I think. I think LSU is, with all the new coaching staff and everything, I think it could be a good game,” Duhon explained.

“I think LSU‘s defense is great. It will be a tough match up with Bama but we have a running attacked, we have great receivers and a pretty good quarterback, they say, so it should be pretty exciting,” said Alabama fan Terry Lents.

Evens Bama fans admit LSU will be tough to beat.

“We’re infringing on the territory but we respect LSU. They are a great team and they’ve had a great season. We love Ed Orgeron. He’s a great coach and it’s just a great team overall,” said Lents.

Some Tiger fans to seal a win with a little luck from the live mascot.

“A true LSU fan, you want to come see Mike. It gives you a little extra energy. I think it’s a great idea since they don’t want to bring them in the stadiums anymore. I think it’s a great idea they let him out,” LSU fan Joey Broussard said.

While most will be partying well into the night, others have their sights set on Saturday.

“We have 14 people coming over. Fourteen people coming from Marksville. We’re ready to rock, we’re ready to celebrate, we’re ready to have fun because LSU’s going to do it,” said fan Crazy Katie.

“When we came the first time and I walked into Tiger Stadium, the hair stood up on my arms. I’ve never felt such electricity for anything in my life and this is just been exciting. I love to come back,” said LSU fan Sheila Parker.

“We coming and we ain’t backin’ down!” Said Walker.

The game kicks off Saturday at 7p.m.

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