EDITORIAL: Fight against bullying can start at home

EDITORIAL: Fight against bullying can start at home

(KSLA) - October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

The organization Stomp Out Bullying has a campaign called “Stand Up For Others.”

According to the group, bullies have been known to back down when others stand up for the victim.

Research shows that 1-in-4 to 1-in-3 children will experience bullying at some point.

We have all heard tragic stories of how online or cyberbullying has grown in recent years. It leaves us all wondering what we can do.

As with many issues, improvement can start at home.

  • Parents, please make sure your children know that teasing and taunting another child is never acceptable. 
  • And your kids need to know that if they are ever a victim, they need to report it to a responsible adult immediately. 
  • Teach them to stand up for others being bullied. 
  • Showing you care can mean a lot to a victim. 

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