LSU homecoming parade floats through campus

LSU homecoming parade floats through campus
LSU's homecoming parade floated through campus before their game against Mississippi State

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Everyone has their reasons for coming back to LSU for homecoming.

“We’ve come for 40 years and now we’re bringing the grand-kids,” says Jane Brumby, LSU alum.

Whether it’s the sights and sounds of the homecoming parade or your notoriety as a former homecoming queen.

“I grew up coming to games every weekend so being able to do that with my kids’ kind of brings to full circle,” says the 2002 LSU homecoming queen.

“LSU is the best,” Wilson says. “That’s all there is to it. We’re the best.”

Fans of the Tigers will travel 7 hours one way to support the tigers, even people like Wilson who didn’t attend LSU, “I live it,” says the University of Iowa graduate.

“When I moved to Alabama, ‘they said whom are you going to root for? Auburn or Alabama?’ I said I bleed purple and I bleed gold. That’s never going to change.”

That love is the boost tigers need to bring home the win.

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