The Common Park moves forward with construction plans

Groundbreaking held for Shreveport's Common Park

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Construction on The Common Park is moving forward after a groundbreaking Tuesday.

The ceremony featured music from the Green Oaks High School band, confetti and just about anything green you can imagine.

The lot, just west of downtown Shreveport, is becoming a park and urban green-space for all the community to enjoy. It’s part of the ongoing revitalization of the 9 block area known as the Shreveport Common.

"We'll have food trucks down here, we'll have different activities for our families and children to be able to come and just play and have a good time,” said Mayor Ollie Tyler.

"It's going to be very vibrant. It’s going to create something we have not seen before downtown. I think it's gonna be a game changer,” she continued.

"This is gonna be a connector for us. It allows our community to come together to exercise, recreation, be a part of events like they never have before," said Shreveport Common Executive Director Wendy Benscoter.

The 2.4 acre park is expected to further improve the area.

"We know that urban parks are transformational. We know that in other communities that are blighted that urban parks change the way communities use that area and it helps economically as well,” said Benscoter.

Now that shovels have hit dirt, things are going to ramp up quickly. Crews will start breaking up the concrete slabs and building the park. It should be ready in six to seven months.

Funding comes from $1.2 million dollar grant from the Economic Development Agency. But officials are still looking to raise additional money for some more amenities like a pavilion and fountain.

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