Which candidate for Shreveport Mayor leads the pack in campaign fundraising?

A look at how much money has been raised and spent with less than a month to go

Which candidate for Shreveport Mayor leads the pack in campaign fundraising?
Supporters have contributed more than $300,000 to mayoral campaigns in the city and candidates have spent almost $200,000 on the race so far. (Source: KSLA News 12)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - With 10 days until early voting begins and less than a month until election day, Adrian Perkins has raised more money than any of the other seven candidates running for Shreveport Mayor, according to campaign finance reports filed by the candidates.

Perkins, a native of Shreveport’s Cedar Grove neighborhood, raised $132,000 dollars between the launch of his campaign and September 27, the end of the reporting period.

Perkins also spent the most of any candidate with $60,000 in reported expenditures.

Mayor Ollie Tyler, who is running for reelection, is the only other candidate to raise more than $100,000. Supporters gave about $115,000 to her campaign. She comes in second for both contributions and expenses, which were around $52,000.

Tyler reported more cash on hand than any other candidates, although she’s the only one to have a significant amount of money going into the race. Tyler’s campaign had a reported $33,000 before the beginning of the year.

Supporters of Jim Taliaferro, a retired Shreveport Police Officer and Crime Stoppers Director, gave his campaign about $31,000. He reported $25,000 in expenses.

Caddo Commissioner Steven Jackson raised $25,000 and spent almost $8,000 during the reporting period.

While Lee Savage, a local businessman and LSUS alumnus, only received about $10,000 from donors, he’s put about $21,000 of his own money into his campaign. Perkins, Jackson, Taliaferro, and Jerron Rogers have also put their own money into the race, but Savage has put in more than all of them combined. That personal money helped Savage finance the $27,000 in expenses he reported between the start of his campaign and September 27.

Rogers, a civil engineer, received just one contribution of $500.

Two candidates, Anna Marie Arpino and Tremecious Dixon reported no campaign contributions or expenses on their report. Both candidates have no cash in the campaign coffers, according to their filings.

Out-of-town money

Money form outside of Shreveport is playing a role in the race to become the city’s Mayor.

Mayor Tyler had the biggest portion of out-of-town donations with 40% of the contributions coming from other cities.

Jackson’s out-of-town donations totaled 31%, while 25% of Perkins’s, 24% of Savage’s and 8% of Taliaferro’s came from outside the city.

KSLA News 12 reviewed the campaign finance reports filed by each candidate with the Louisiana Board of Ethics. The reports show contributions and expenses from the beginning of the year through September 27. We did not include in-kind contributions or other disbursements in our calculations.

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