More Shreveport residents surprised, affected by sewer line repairs

(Jeff Ferrell)
Published: Oct. 10, 2018 at 8:07 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - For the second month in a row, a Shreveport resident has contacted KSLA News 12 to complain that a construction crew is tearing up their lawn.

Many residents said they know the work is federally mandated as part of the consent decree, but some complain they’re just not getting a heads up before the work gets underway outside their own front door.

That includes Carol Alexander, who lives on Lakeland Street in Shreveport’s Queensborough neighborhood. “I told them, 'I’m calling the news station. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe it. I have to get out of my house.” Alexander claims she received no notice before the crew arrived on Tuesday. "Aren’t they supposed to give you a notice and let you know they’re coming out?” began Alexander.

“But then the common courtesy of not blocking your driveway with trees. I’m like, ‘Why on my property? Why are you putting the trees here?’ Put it over there where there’s nothing." The contractor replacing the sewer line at this location is Belt Construction out of Texarkana.

Its on-site supervisor insisted they notified people 48 hours in advance with door hangers. The city inspector, Kenneth Bankhead, vouched for Belt saying they’re one of the better contractors working of this citywide project. He also reassured Alexander this will all be cleaned up within the next two weeks.

“Anything we mess up, we dress up. Like her, she’s going to get her driveway back. I explained to her yesterday anything we mess up city will replace it,” according to Bankhead. As for Alexander, it’s her landscaping she’s most upset about.

(Jeff Ferrell)

Bankhead told us they actually refer to the image of the site above on Google Maps to make it look at least as good as it did before.

He said this work site is just one of 40 citywide replacing the crumbling sewer infrastructure.

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