9 vehicles stolen; 5 teens face charges; police expect more arrests

9 vehicles stolen; 5 teens face charges; police expect more arrests
BOOKED: David Lee, 18, and Hayden McLeod, 18, theft of property (Source: Texarkana, Texas, Police Department)

TEXARKANA (KSLA) - Five teenagers face charges, and authorities expect to make more arrests in connection with the weekend theft of nine vehicles in Texarkana, Texas.

The vehicles were stolen from an auto auction business in the 900 block of Elm Street, police report.

Someone used one of the cars on the lot to drive through a gate on the back side of the fence, authorities say.

Two 18-year-old were arrested after Texas DPS troopers responded to a crash about 10:50 p.m. Monday in the George Thomas Road area of Bowie County, Texas.

After realizing the vehicle involved in the wreck was one of those stolen from the auto auction, the troopers arrested David Lee and Hayden McLeod on a charge of theft of property.

Another vehicle pulled up to the crash site but turned around when they saw the troopers.

“That’s normally a surefire sign that something is up,” police said in a Facebook post.

As it turns out, authorities said, that was yet another one of the stolen vehicles presumably being used to try to pick up Lee and McLeod.

That vehicle quickly sped away but crashed in Texarkana, Ark., after a lengthy chase. Its four occupants then ran.

Texarkana, Ark., police and the troopers caught up with and arrested two girls - ages 13 and 14- and a 14-year-old boy on charges of fleeing and theft by receiving.

The juveniles were taken to the Miller County Juvenile Detention Center.

Lee and McLeod remain in the Bi-State Jail, where each’s bond has been set at $10,000.

As for the seven other stolen vehicles?

Police say all but one have been recovered at various locations on both sides of Texarkana and in Bowie County.

Several were abandoned after being wrecked, police say.

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