Louisiana crews head to Florida to assist Hurricane Michael victims

Louisiana crews head to Florida to assist Hurricane Michael victims
Entergy crews head to Florida to assist Hurricane Michael victims (Source: Thomas, Rachael)

(WAFB) - Before the phones even started ringing, Governor John Bel Edwards says Louisiana was ready to roll. Several state and local agencies are in Florida now.

Before the sun came up in Louisiana Wednesday morning, emergency responders were packed and ready to head east to help with Hurricane Michael recovery efforts in Florida. At the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal, a rescue team of 20 members hit the road with a fleet of boats, mobile command units, and rescue equipment. Public Affairs Director Ashley Rodrigue says there will be all sorts of boots on the ground.

“We also have informational and technological type folks who are part of this. You’ve got to have a logistics person. You’ve got to know where base camps are going to be. You’ve got people that work to set up apps to tell you where dispatch is and where people are and what they are doing,” said Rodrigue.

The East Baton Rouge emergency preparedness team dispatched similar resources. Governor Edwards says crews are headed to different locations, including Georgia and North and South Carolina, areas that are still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

“This rainfall might put them right back to where they were with the flooding,” said Edwards.

Entergy is sending around two dozen linemen, servicemen, and support staff from Baton Rouge to help with everything from power outages to structural damage.

“That includes picking up wire, poles, setting new poles, performing some of the scouting to determine how significantly the area is affected,” said Greg Gilbeau, senior manager of customer service for Entergy.

State leaders say Louisiana is making good on its promise to always be a good neighbor, and doing that sometimes means hitting the road before the call for help even comes.

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