Slow start to ragweed season

(KSLA News 12)
Published: Oct. 1, 2018 at 5:29 PM CDT
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People who have been experiencing hay fever symptoms such as an itchy, runny nose or watery eyes are probably allergic to ragweed.

Right now, ragweed is the top pollen in the ArkLaTex, and, luckily, the ragweed season hasn’t been too bad so far.

“Our ragweed season got off to a slow start because we have had a lot of rain recently. It has be noticeable on the days that we haven’t had rain. The rain does washout the pollen,” said Dr. David Kaufman, Breathe American.

The ragweed season could pick up a dry, windy weather pattern develops across the area.

The wind can also increase pollen counts. When the wind is strong it can blow the pollen farther distances.

“Ragweed is a weed. You often see it on the side of the road where the grass has been cut and where trees have been recently cut. They have very tiny flowers. They give off a pollen that is dispersed by the wind and the wind carries the ragweed far and wide and could become quite a problem for allergy suffers,” said Dr. Kaufman.

“Ragweed is going to peak in the next couple of weeks. We start to see it around Labor Day and usually last until Halloween,” said Dr. Kaufman.

People who suffer from ragweed based symptoms might want to try an over the counter medication or antihistamine.

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