Dramatic dash cam video shows fatal shooting by deputy city marshal

NEW ANGLE: SPD dash cam video shows fatal shooting by deputy city marshal

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - KSLA News 12 has obtained new dash cam video showing the heart-pounding moments as 41-year-old Bobby Wallace was fatally shot by a Shreveport deputy city marshal in early August.

It’s important to note that a Caddo Parish grand jury cleared Deputy City Marshal Derrek Brown of any charges Sept. 21.

The dash cam video from a Shreveport police officer’s vehicle shows a different angle than that of Brown’s body camera.

It begins with a Shreveport police patrol car rushing down Sunnybrook Street to Wallace’s home. The video shows Wallace being held by an officer on the side of the street.

Suddenly, Wallace punches the officer detaining him, knocking him to the ground.

Brown responds, first by firing a non-lethal marking round to attempt to take down Wallace without using his gun.

Then the dash cam video shows Brown fire three rounds from his sidearm.

KSLA News 12 has reached out to Wallace’s family for comment but has not yet heard back.

Again, Brown has been cleared of any charges by a Caddo Parish grand jury.

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