DeSoto Parish School district adds new smart boards in all classrooms

DeSoto School District invests $1.2 million in smart boards for all of its classrooms

DESOTO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - What would you do with $1.2 million? For the Desoto Parish School district, they decided to use that money to purchase brand new smart boards for all classrooms.

The sales tax in DeSoto Parish helped the district purchase these new smart boards.

Teachers have been trained to use the boards and they are already incorporating them into their lesson plans.

Smartboards installed in all classrooms in DeSoto Parish

“It’s exciting to see the first couple of weeks of schools and doing our walk throughs (we see) teachers engaging students with the smart boards,” said Superintendent Clay Corley. “Now what we see is students using the technology, and that’s what we really want.”

(Source: Whittington, Maranda)

First grade teacher Courtney Anderson has been using the smart board a lot in her classroom over at Mansfield Elementary School. She uses the board to teach site words and play educational games, and it’s something her students like having in the classroom.

“It definitely keeps kids interacted and engaged,” Anderson said. “They’re focused (and) they want to come up and touch the smart board, and they love playing on the smart board.”

The smart boards at the elementary schools can also move up and down so smaller students are able to use them.

Over at Mansfield High School, English teacher Peyton Dufour has been able to use his board to show students lessons and reading materials, and he can also edit and grade student’s papers using the board as well.

(Source: Whittington, Maranda)

“We really want the smartboard to be a student-centered space more than a teacher centered space,” he said. “So, with differentiation, (and) group activity, it’s been really helpful in that aspect of my teaching.”

Corley believes the new smart boards will also help enhance students learning.

“We feel like with the new smart boards and all that the technology holds there, that we are moving forward and we’re giving them something that they desire and something that engages them,” he said. “We hope to see promising results from that.”

The district has already set aside money to update these smart boards in the next few years.

Their next plan is to get elementary students with iPads, and middle and high school students with Chromebooks or laptops to complete their one to one technology initiative.

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