Deported Ohio mother of 4 reunited with family

Fairfield mother of 4 back home after deportation to Mexico in 2017

Deported Ohio mother of 4 reunited with family
Maribel Trujillo Diaz, a Fairfield mother of four, is back home and reunited with her family after being deported to Mexico 17 months ago. (Source: (provided))

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - A Fairfield mother of four who was deported to Mexico in April 2017 is now back home with her family, attorneys say.

Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. represents Maribel Trujillo Diaz and says she was returned to the U.S. from Mexico to attend her ongoing immigration hearings at the Cleveland Immigration Court.

ABLE released the statement Monday morning saying they are ‘overjoyed’ Trujillo Diaz has been reunited with her family after 17 months of separation.

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Trujillo Diaz was held at a facility in LaSalle, Louisiana before being deported April 19, 2017, an ICE representative said.

“When Maribel’s lawyer called yesterday evening to tell me that the appeal to the Sixth Circuit Court had been denied, I say that is another failure to stop the injustice that is being done to us as a family. My pain is greater because I am powerless to help her. There is no reason why the government should separate a family for not having documents. She has no criminal record. She just wants to struggle for a better life for her family.”
Husband of Maribel Trujillo Diaz in a statement from April 2017

Trujillo Diaz was taken into custody April 5, 2017, as she was heading into work.

She fled Mexico in 2002 after she says her family was targeted by Mexican Cartels.

At the time she was deported, she still had an active work permit which wasn’t set to expire until July.

When questioned about the deportation, the Public Affairs Officer with ICE issued a statement saying, “Trujillo has no legal basis to remain in the United States.”

A federal appeals court dismissed Trujillo Diaz’s bid for an emergency order halting deportation on April 11, 2017.

Attorney Kathleen Kersh have fought to allow her to remain, and unsuccessfully pleaded with the Board of Immigration Appeals to re-open her case. Trujillo Diaz has sought asylum, saying her family has been targeted by drug cartels.

Immigration officials say she entered the U.S. illegally in 2002 and has exhausted her appeals.

Maribel Trujillo-Diaz was removed Wednesday by ICE to her home country. 
ICE, April 2017

ABLE says a “Welcome Home” prayer service is being held Tuesday at 7 p.m. at St. Julie Billiart Parish, in Hamilton.

The case of Maribel, an asylum seeker, received an outcry from various religious, human rights organizations, and public officials when she was deported to Mexico City, leaving her husband and four American children behind. After prevailing at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Board of Immigration Appeals, the U.S. government returned her to Ohio for her upcoming proceedings. She now lives with her family.
Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc. (ABLE)

In April of 2017, Senator Sherrod Brown’s office said the senator personally called ICE and asked them to reconsider her case.

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