Residents react to shooting death of neighborhood handyman

Neighbors remember homicide victim as being good with his hands, even better with people

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Good with his hands and even better with people.

That’s how neighbors describe a man found shot in his head in Shreveport’s Mooretown neighborhood.

They want 42-year-old Mark Bryant to be remembered for the way he lived, not the way he died.

Residents described him as the neighborhood handyman.

“He always worked, and he was gifted in doing different things - plumbing, carpeting, floors and houses, you know. So he was very gifted,” said Otis Solomon, a next-door neighbor.

Police found Bryant dead early Monday morning at Kennedy Drive at Norton Street, which is just blocks from his house.

“I was just shocked to death. I never knew anything that bad would happen. Until somebody told me and I was just like Mark? I was shocked to death.” said Betty Brandley, a neighbor who says she watched Bryant grow up.

His presence and now his absence are felt in the handiwork he left behind, she said.

“He did some plumbing stuff for me, … whatever I called him for. They had some stuff he was going to do in the bathroom, but I didn’t get a chance to see him. And I had told the other boy to tell him to come by here, and he hadn’t made it.”

Family members of Bryant believe those responsible for his death were trying to steal something from him.

“He was such a kind generous person who did not deserve to be gunned down the way he was," says a statement from the family.

"We are trying to process this tremendous loss.”

Police have made no arrest .

“I just hope they find the ones that did this awful thing. I sure do,” Brandley said.

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