Waking Up My Day: Tips to keep your place safe

Waking Up My Day: Tips to keep your place safe

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - When you think of renting an apartment in the Shreveport-Bossier City area, most people are looking for a safe and quiet neighborhood. No matter where you live, according to Shreveport Property Crimes Detective Chris Bordelon, crime can happen anywhere.

Waking up My Day: Tips to keep your place safe

“We certainly do have high crime parts of Shreveport, however, I don’t believe that you could specifically move somewhere and that means you would never be a victim of a crime,” Bordelon said.

So how do you stay safe if you live in apartment complex? Bordelon said first, protect your car.

“The number one deterrent for vehicle burglaries is a locked door,” he said. “A vast majority of the issues that we’re having in apartment complexes are vehicle burglaries.”

Bordelon said most car burglaries are due to people not locking their car doors. He suggested people lock their doors when they leave, park in well-lit areas, and set an alarm on your car in case someone does try to break in.

When it comes to the inside of your apartment, try getting an outdoor surveillance system.

“We’re seeing an influx of people that are actually able to produce video from the security system or from a Bluetooth type system and if we can get some type of video of the suspect, we are significantly better at catching them,” said Bordelon.

He also suggested you write down the serial numbers of your high-tech items.

“If they have the serial numbers of their televisions, of their Xbox’s or general electronics we stand a much greater chance of actually recovering these items if they were ever to be sold online or at pawn shops,” he said.

Bordelon also said a lot of times apartment or other residential burglaries are done by someone you might know. A lot of the cases they handle show burglaries are done by juveniles because they’ve been inside and know exactly what to take.

Shreveport Police does have patrol officers that will canvas apartment complexes, but Bordelon said it can present a challenge trying to determine who actually lives there and who doesn’t. They try to look for people who are out walking apartment complexes and parking lots at odd hours of the night.

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