Skeletal remains discovered in Bowie County, TX

Search for missing person in East Texas yields skeletal remains

BOWIE COUNTY, TX (KSLA) - The search for a missing person in Bowie County, Texas, has yielded skeletal remains.

Members of the county search-and-rescue team spent Tuesday looking for remains in a rural area in far western Bowie County.

Larry Gatlin, 62
Larry Gatlin, 62 (Source: Bowie County, TX Sheriff's Department)

They believe the remains could be those of 62-year-old Larry Gatlin.

Family members said they last heard from Gatlin three to four weeks ago. After looking for him for days, they found what they described as human bones near Gatlin’s home.

“He lived out here alone; and you can see it is pretty for remote and quite away from any other houses,” Bowie County sheriff’s Detective David Biggar said.

Skeletal remains found near missing East Texas man's home

Gatlin’s family members and friends said it was not unusual for weeks to pass without having contact with him.

But they said this time has been different.

Bowie County sheriff’s deputies now are investigating Gatlin as a missing person.

(Source: Fred Gamble)

Biggar said it is early in the investigation; but they do not suspect foul play to have been a factor in his disappearance.

“The gentlemen that lived here had multiple health issues, so we are looking basically right now is to recover the remains.”

The skeletal remains will be sent to a crime laboratory in Dallas so a positive identification can be made, the detective added.

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