Jury selection ending soon in 'Block Boyz’ trial

Testimony gets underway in trial of some alleged Block Boyz members

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Jury selection is coming to a close in the high-profile trial of five alleged members of the ‘Block Boyz’ gang in Shreveport.

A federal grand jury handed down the indictment against nine people in July 2017. It alleges that gang members sold illegal drugs and committed armed robberies to generate income. They also are believed to have maintained and circulated a collection of firearms for use in their criminal activity and used cell phones to operate their criminal enterprise, which primarily included Shreveport’s Ingleside and Queensborough neighborhoods.

Three of the nine have pleaded guilty to multiple charges. Court records also show that prosecutors dismissed charges against a fourth person who instead will enter a 12-month pretrial diversion program.

The remaining five defendants are DeMarcus D. Morris, 28; Jimmie R. Durden Jr., 28; Lonnie D. Johnson, 23; Gary J. McCain, 22; and Larshanda C. Davenport, 44.

Each face various possible penalties depending on the drug quantity involved, their role in the conspiracy and their criminal history.

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