How big is Hurricane Florence?

How big is Hurricane Florence?

(KSLA) - Hurricane Florence is a massive storm barreling towards the East Coast right now. How big is this hurricane? Well, if you count the outer bands its almost two times the size of Louisiana.

If you compare this to the size of the ArkLaTex, you could fit four of our entire area into Hurricane Florence.

Now a Category 3 storm, Florence is sustaining winds at 135 mph. The track continues to having it make landfall anywhere from South Carolina to portions of Virginia. The hurricane will eventually stall over over the East Coast. This is bad news for these area, because it could bring torrential rainfall and lots of flooding to the area. Areas in the path of this hurricanes could reach rainfall totals over 20-25″. Isolated places seeing close to 40″ of rainfall.

Florence is currently just over 400 miles away from Wilmington, North Carolina. Other major impact are going to be hurricane force winds that could last for multiple hours. Florence is anticipated to make landfall sometimes Thursday evening or into Friday.

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