Suspect accused of stealing from Caddo sheriff, others

Suspect accused of stealing from Caddo sheriff, others
BOOKED: Donny Dewayne Irish, 39, of Natchitoches, one count each of simple burglary and being an in-state fugitive (Source: (Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office))

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - Caddo Parish deputies have arrested a man accused of stealing from a home belonging to Sheriff Steve Prator.

Neighbors say burglary suspect did not stand a chance

Deputies say 39-year-old Donny Irish was charged with simple burglary after stealing nearly $2,000 worth of equipment from Prator’s home.

Sheriff Prator's home was heavily flooded nearly 3 years ago. It’s been vacant ever since. Neighbors say Irish most likely had no idea what he was getting himself into.

“I was very surprised now the person I presume that went to the sheriff’s house to steal may not know it was the sheriffs house,” said nearby neighbor Mike Hoogland. The suspect struck Saturday evening at the sheriff’s home on Shreveport-Dixie Road.

“They broke in there and one of the neighbors happened to get the information from the vehicle and a witness,” said Sheriff Prator.

Investigators were able to track down a vehicle matching the description on Ardis Taylor Drive.

A man is arrested after being accused of stealing from Caddo sheriff's home.
A man is arrested after being accused of stealing from Caddo sheriff's home.

Two people who bailed out of the vehicle ultimately were caught in a drainage ditch.

“We were able to track them down and we tracked them down here and after we chased them down and they got dog bite but we recovered some of the thing,” said Sheriff Prator.

Deputies soon learned that Irish had a rap sheet dating back nearly 20 years. He was the only person taken into custody.

“They have lengthy criminal records and we tended to them make sure the dog bites tended to, and then were going to interview them and find out exactly what else they’ve been involved in,” said Sheriff Prator.

Hoogland says the sheriff’s old house was not the only home to get hit by thieves.

“It could be coincidental but we’ve definitely seen a lot more here. We miss having the sheriff as a neighbor, that’s for sure,” said Hoogland Deputies say the vehicle the suspect was in was stolen out of Bossier City several weeks ago.

That owner has been identified and he does plan on pressing charges.

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