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KSLA News 12's Doug Warner along with Spencer Harrison
KSLA News 12's Doug Warner along with Spencer Harrison

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - 20-year-old Spencer Harrison of Shreveport has a passion, better described as an obsession.

"This is a transport truck," described Spencer as he pointed out of one of about a dozen model United Parcel Service trucks on display in his room.

Over the past decade, Spencer's 15 by 12-foot bedroom has evolved into an ever-growing UPS museum.

"There's not like this golden moment where all of a sudden, it's UPS," explains Spencer's mother Sheri.

"All of a sudden it was, 'Look at the UPS truck'."

Spencer has a collection of hats, shirts, backpacks, pencils, calendars and countless more UPS logoed items.

"He has a UPS Christmas ornament," added Sheri as she pointed out he has UPS Christmas lights to match.

She says she lost count of how many UPS items she's purchased for Spencer over the years.

"Once you have children, it's never about you again. It's about them. You just want them to be safe, happy and healthy," said Sheri.

However, concerns for Spencer's health began when he was just a toddler, says Sheri.

"He was first diagnosed with verbal apraxia, which is a neurological condition where he might think he's saying the words, but they're not coming out where you can understand it," said Sheri.

Yet there is no misunderstanding his love for UPS, or his favorite driver Beau Andrews.

"We've had an awesome UPS driver that has been really cool with Spencer, talk to him and has just been very kind," Sheri bragged.

The two have developed a caring relationship, with Beau answering Spencer's questions and sharing a little about his workday each time Beau stops in front of Spencer's home. However, for the past two months, Beau hasn't been behind the wheel due to an injury.

"We've missed him. He's always disappointed when it's someone else, but that can't be helped," Sheri said while laughing.

As for Spencer's 10-year fascination with UPS and all things brown, his mother says it's just Spencer being Spencer.

"Sometimes people with a disability find something they love and stick with it."

After reaching out to the UPS corporate offices in Atlanta, Georgia, KSLA News 12's Doug Warner was able to arrange something considered to be a rarity, a tour for Spencer inside the Shreveport HUB.

"Are we going inside the HUB?" Spencer asked as his mother walked him closer to the facility's front door.

And waiting on the other side of the door, was long-time UPS driver Beau Andrews.

"What's up?" Spencer exclaimed loudly.

"You ready to see this place?," Beau responded, as the two along with a high ranking manager escorted Spencer past the loading docks, through the package sorting area, and out back so Spencer could climb behind the driver's seat of two of UPS' biggest delivery trucks.

"I can't put it into words. It's a dream come true," said Sheri with tears filling her eyes.

Beau also did everything he could to make Spencer feel like he's a real member of the UPS family, introducing him to as many of the employees as possible.

"He has a pure heart and wants desperately to fit in and be like everyone else," Sheri added.

"This fantastic, great," said Beau.

"We've been talking about doing this for years and today its come to materialized."

Beau introduced Spencer to the entire staff during the morning meeting and announced, "I declare it's Spencer Harrison day here at UPS," which was met with a loud applause.

"I can't thank everyone enough," said Sheri.

"They made dreams come true. He'll talk about it forever and made this Momma's heart very happy."

In his room full of UPS collectables, there is a single miniature USPS delivery truck. But there is a reason for that.

"My husband works for the United State Post Office," Sheri laughingly admitted.

"I hope I still have a job next week," her husband Chuck jokingly shared.

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