The Good Stuff: Friday night comeback

The Good Stuff: a Friday night comeback
Timothy along with his father Randy Thomas
Timothy along with his father Randy Thomas


The high school football season gets underway in less than a month in our area.

And in Coushatta, there's a Red River High sophomore who is surprising many with his return to the gridiron just months after a major medical setback.

"I can't give up when it gets tough. I can show everybody I can still play," explains 15-year-old Timothy Thomas, who underwent brain surgery.

"When you have kids and hear about stories like this, you think, 'Thank God, this is not my child'," recalls Timothy's mother, Adaire.

After playing sparingly his freshman year on the Bulldog football team, Timothy began experiencing double vision in February.

"I noticed his left eye wasn't tracking like his right eye," adds Adaire.

A trip to Timothy's optometrist soon uncovered an unexpected answer.

"When looking at the back of the eye and the optic nerve," says Dr. Scott Taylor, "his optic nerves were swollen. That's when we knew we were dealing with something serious here."

An MRI revealed a tumor the size of a tennis ball right behind Timothy's eyes.

Adaire's mind quickly began to race with the news.

"Is it cancer? Am I going to lose my child? Is he going to die?"

The tumor also was blocking cerebral fluid from draining from his brain into his spinal column, a condition that would have soon begun to cause major medical issues.

Within days of the discovery, Timothy underwent surgery to have the tumor removed.

"The doctor's assured us he's healthy," explains Randy Thomas, Timothy's father.

"He's got a titanium plate. His head is harder than it was before," jokes Randy.

"I'm just thankful he's alive and God saw him through this and will continue to see him through this," adds Adaire.

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