The Good Stuff: Dancing with the signs

Curbside moves: Dancing with the signs

If your morning or afternoon commutes ever takes you down Benton Road in Bossier City, then there is a good chance you have seen A.D. Scott. With a sign in his hand — dancing.

Scott works for Roly Poly Sandwich shop on Monday mornings as a sign dancer, advertising the restaurant's new breakfast menu.

But he's not just holding the sign.

"When I'm like real still, this is the 'robot'," says Scott, demonstrating a number of different hip hop and old school dance moves.

Scott also dances outside of Metro PCS on Benton Road at East Texas Street on Friday afternoons.

The owner of Roly Poly says it's an entertaining way to advertise a business to drivers.

"What better than to have a sign dancer at Roly Poly," said Robert Downs, store owner. "And it's helped a lot."

"He's just got the moves."

Scott is one of many local dancers who meet regularly to practice inside a make-shift studio behind his Shreveport home. He said that he just grew up dancing, and that it's all he had, all he did.

"We're the only ones you see doing it," says Larry Wallace.

"They believe we're panhandling with a hat."

But whether their inside Scott's studio, or just hanging out on a random street corner showing off their moves, Scott says they just want to share something they're passionate about with others.

"We really want to perform for people and show them there are people that dance."

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