SPD officer arrested on his 2nd DWI charge in about 4 months

SPD Oifficer DWI arrest
Updated: Aug. 27, 2018 at 3:53 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A weekend crash has resulted in a Shreveport police officer again being charged with driving while intoxicated.

This is the second time in about four months and the third time in almost three years that 29-year-old Daniel Meyers has been arrested on a DWI charge.

(Shreveport Police Dept.)

Meyers was involved in a two-vehicle crash at Youree Drive at Winthrop Street just before 10 p.m. Saturday, according to Shreveport police.

The incident report that KSLA News 12 requested notes that Meyers made a U-turn at the intersection, resulting in the accident.

The responding officer "detected signs of intoxication."

The officer stated, "I [responding officer] detected slurred speech, eyes red/glossy, unsteady on feet and an odor of an alcoholic beverage. ... "

Meyers told the officer he consumed one margarita at a local restaurant.


The responding officer said Meyers "performed poorly on his sobriety test," and subsequently had a .245 blood-alcohol content, which is more than three times over the legal limit.

Meyers, who has been an officer since February 2014, now is on paid departmental leave pending an internal investigation.

His arrest Saturday marks the second time in about four months.

Early the morning of April 29, a Caddo sheriff's deputy arrested Meyers after finding him asleep behind the wheel of his truck in the middle of Dixie Garden Drive, according to court records obtained by KSLA News 12.

The deputy administered a field sobriety test then handcuffed Meyers and took him to the sheriff's office substation in the 9900 block of Mansfield Road in Keithville for a breathalyzer exam.

Records show Meyers blew a .222 blood-alcohol content.

KSLA News 12 also obtained the arrest affidavit in which the deputy notes that Meyers "appeared agitated that he was being charged with DWI instead of being given a ride home" and said that "Meyers continued to refer to the 'brotherhood'."

Meyers also stated to first responders, "He took home drunk officers when he found them because that's what we are supposed to do. Meyers said he was old school and that's what old school officers do," according to the arrest affidavit.


Three firearms also were found in Meyers' truck at the time of that arrest.

Meyers was placed on paid departmental leave pending an administrative investigation into the alleged violations.

Information obtained by a records request also outlines a timeline since Meyers' April 29 arrest.

4/29/18 – Departmental Leave (with Pay)

6/11/18 - Termination of Leave (with Pay)

6/11/18 – Sick Leave (extended)

7/13/18 – Termination of Sick Leave

8/26/18 – Departmental Leave (with Pay)

According to the city attorney’s office, a Pre-Disciplinary hearing for the April 29 DWI arrest was held on August 27, 2018 for Officer Meyers with disciplinary action currently pending.

That case is also still pending in Caddo district court with the next hearing scheduled for October 30, 2018.

A Pre-Disciplinary hearing has not yet taken place for the August 25 arrest.


Documents uncovered by a KSLA News 12 public records request show Meyers was first arrested Oct. 9, 2015, after a DeSoto sheriff’s deputy found him asleep in his truck in DeSoto Parish.

Louisiana State Police arrested Meyers on one count of first-offense DWI and an open container violation.

He was suspended without pay for 10 days, according to the Police Department's disciplinary records on Meyers.

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