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Handicap parking abuse on the rise

Watching Your Wallet: Financial Fitness

Failure to Fix

Failure to Fix

Convicted sex offender accused of failing to register his food truck

Social media posts show he took Geaux Eat all over the ArkLaTex, including trips into Bossier and DeSoto parishes, as well as travels to Texas and Arkansas.

DeSoto grand jury proceedings at center of court fight

Is the DeSoto district attorney playing politics with a grand jury? Or is the DeSoto sheriff trying to put the brakes on a legitimate criminal investigation?

Extended: Unfulfilled Justice

Mothers of 3 slain men say they feel ignored, disrespected

Latasha Kavanaugh, Wendy Benjamin and Tammy Davis live with a reality most parents fear to imagine. All three recently buried young sons.

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KSLA Investigates: A Mother's Pain

Growing number of murder cases getting dropped as homicide rate rises in Shreveport

A woman is convinced that lawyers, hoping to avoid a trial, presented a weak case to grand jurors because her slain son was homeless and struggled with drugs.

Louisiana has a no-no list for its personalized license plates

When it comes to custom license plates, here's what you can't say in Louisiana

Prior charge against alleged FB Live killer dismissed

The quest for $3,000 for an investigation put the brakes on a drug case against the man later to be known as the alleged Facebook Live killer.

Bonus: DA James Stewart Interview

You can help uncover political ad targeting on Facebook

Are you being targeted with political ads? Find out what you can do about it.

The Day Amanda Carney Died

The Day Amanda Carney Died

KSLA Investigates: water system boil advisories

KSLA Investigates: water system boil advisories