Haynesville Shale still a hot topic for local residents

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Leasing has slowed down in the Haynesville Shale since the credit crunch came to a head, and the bottom fell out on natural gas prices, but it hasn't stopped all together.

That's why groups like the East 80 Oil and Gas Leasing Coalition are still holding meetings. They had the latest one on Monday in Haughton.

The coalition's leader says they've noticed landmen are back in the area knocking on doors, and some received notice that they may be forced into groups.

"Do I know exactly what the gas companies are doing? No, but these are the first letters I've actually seen refer anybody to - petitioning you know the commissioner for unitization  that have actually referred you to a leasing company, and we know that you know, twin cities is not having a whole lot of success with the members that are a strong heart in our coaltion."

Eric Clarke says they've tried to contact Chesapeake Energy to talk about a deal, only to be referred to the leasing company: Twin Cities.

They say Twin Cities will only deal with individuals, not groups.

The coalition will hold another meeting Tuesday evening in Bossier City.