Ark-La-Tex hospital is saved by $21 million purchase

Dave Woodland, Brim Vice Chairman
Dave Woodland, Brim Vice Chairman

TEXARKANA, TX (KSLA) - A $21 million purchase has saved Texarkana's oldest hospital, and hundreds of people who work there everyday.

"We are glad to save these 700 plus jobs," says Brim Vice Chairman, Dace Woodland.

It was like music to the ears of hundreds of Wadley Hospital employees.

"I'm happy about the sale," says Barbara Sanders, Wadley Hospital employee, "I think everything went well. I'm satisfied."

Brim Healthcare of Texas purchased the hospital for more than $21 million.

Today marked a chance for employees to ask questions about the sale. The number one question on the minds of many surrounded job security.

The answer confirmed a few cuts in the future.

"It will be very few, they will be minimal and not related to hospital care," says Woodland.

Despite those projections, many employees think the hospital's future is now on the right track.

"I'm happy we have a buyer now and our jobs are secure," says Evelyn Collier, employee.

"I think you are going to see a more relaxed group of people working here striving to meet patient need and physician satisfaction," says Woodland

Wadley Hospital officials say a low patient count has caused a drop in revenue. The hospital eventually filed bankruptcy.

Brim Healthcare outbid another Texarkana hospital: Christus Saint Michael.

The deal should finalize on March 6th.

"Everybody is excited to have an ending to it and that it's a great ending," says employee Diane Greenhaw.