UPDATE: The verdict is GUILTY in the "Sneaky" Sumlin murder trial

Day three of testimony:

The jury handed down its guilty verdict after 6:00pm tonight in the murder trial of Wadelen "Sneaky" Sumlin.

In a courtroom watched closely by several deputies jury members told the clerk their verdict was guilty on both the 2nd degree murder charge and the attempted second degree murder charge.

Sneaky now faces life in prison.

While being lead away in handcuffs Sneaky said "I'll be back". He is scheduled to appear in court on January 21st for sentencing. He faces life in prison for the second degree murder charge, and up to 50 years for the attempted 2nd degree murder charge.


The prosecution and defense made their closing arguments and the judge charged the jury.  Jurors began deliberating the verdict in this trial at about 4:10pm this afternoon (Friday).


The prosecution and defense have rested.  Closing arguments began this afternoon (Friday) at 1:40pm.

In this morning's testimony, an investigator with the District Attorney's Office took the stand, who was deemed by the court as an expert in gang activity.  Don Ashley gave the jury a history of gang activity for Shreveport saying the problems started in the 1980's when the Bloods and Crips transplanted here from Los Angeles, California.  He painted a roadmap from those origins and connected it directly to Wadelen "Sneaky" Sumlin.  Ashley was also integral in the protection of the surviving victim, Shannon Sanders, who he believes is still a target of Sumlin's gang associates.  Ashley even became emotional at one point as he talked about his lengthy assignment which included driving Sanders back and forth from school. 

Check back her on ksla.com and watch KSLA News 12 at 5 and 6 for reaction from both the victim's and suspect's families.  We'll let you know as soon as a verdict comes down.

Day two of testimony:

"Sneaky" Sumlin's mother, Glenda Sumlin says her son didn't do it, and that he was with her the night of January 9th, 2007, because that's her birthday. "I'm here to let my child know I love you, I'm here for you", said Glenda outside of the courthouse after hearing a former friend of Sneaky's testifying against him. Marcus Alexander took the stand today and testified that Sumlin arrived at his home shortly after the homicide. Alexander said Sumlin admitted to him that he was the shooter, saying Sumlin told him that he saw a chance to "get him one" and he took it. Alexander's testimony also indicated the homicide was gang related, telling Prosecutor Dale Cox that Sumlin admitted to him that he was in a gang. Alexander testified that Sumlin wrote him a letter from jail, featuring several gang symbols.

This is day two of testimony in the first degree murder trial of Wadelen "Sneaky" Sumlin. He's accused of shooting and killing Quantavius Webb, and shooting and injuring Shannon Sanders while they both sat in a parked car at an apartment complex on Grimmett Drive January 7, 2007. Prosecutor Dale Cox says gang warfare is the motivation behind the shooting.

Crime Scene Investigator Corporal Skylar Vanzandt took the stand this morning and testified that he recovered 16 shell casings from a 9mm handgun at the scene on the night of the homicide.

Shannon Sanders' twin brother also took the stand today. He told the jury that a few days after the shooting, he and his sister were watching the news when she saw Sumlin's picture and began crying. He says she identified Sumlin as being the shooter. On the broadcast he was listed as one of two suspects in another shooting.